Android Library Collections Not Honoring Ordering

I have done several tests to confirm this behavior, but here is an overall summary:

  • Whether I create a new Movie or Television Collection or copy an existing one, at the very least when using custom labels in SmartRules to determine which programs will be in a Library Collection, the order on Android/Google TV is the same as on the web.

  • That means if I select ordering first (either manually or through a copy), when I add the programs they come in default order. Previously during the Apple Beta I was told that it did not matter the order shown in the web because the client would honor the sort settings. That is not true in the Android/Google TV clients.

  • When I change the ordering in the Web, that is reflected in Android/Google TV clients.

  • When a new program is added by SmartRules, it is just added to the end and ignores ordering. Only by manually updating the ordering (say, changing Forward to Reverse and then back again) does everything get in expected order and then reflect in the client.

Overall, whatever order the programs are showing in the web is the order the programs are showing on the Android clients, not the set ordering.

Which sort option isn't working?

I've tested alphabetical and duration to the same results, both forward and reverse. Didn't try the rest.

I am having the same problem. When new items are added, the go at the end instead of alphabetic order. If I change the sort order and and back to alphabetic, it works. Until the next time I add a new show to the collection.

Okay yea it's a bug. Actually I think I forgot to implement sorting on the client. I will take a look soon.

It is not just the client. It also does not automatically sort when I look at the collection in a browser in settings.

I'm uploading a new beta apk now with some fixes. I'm not sure if its fixed completely yet so let me know how it works out.

Confirmed, I moved a program around and it sorted correctly with both alphabetical and recent update. Thank you!

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I would prefer this, too, but it appears to be an enhancement request for now.