Android Mobile app keeps crashing

I have a channel plus subscription. After downloading the channel dvr app from the google play store onto my Motorola Z3 (verizon) It doesnt open. It keeps crashing each time I try to open.

Any idea what I need to do?

What is your HDHR device ID? Is the firmware up to date on

Just checked. Yes. the firmware is updated on my hdhomerun prime.
Device ID: 13202A3A
Firmware: 20190621

Device ID: 13202A50
Firmware: 20190621

the app works fine on my nvidia shield tv. But when i download it to my cellphone from google play it doesn't open.

Please enable the beta build on

ok. just downloaded and enabled beta

A new beta will be available shortly (v9301955) which should fix your crash.

Thanks. the beta version worked. All is working well now.