Android opening view vs. bottom icon

Is it just my devices, or does this not match up for anyone in Android client version 3.0.2? I'm on Android 11 and 8.1.

The app opens into your last-used activity - in the example below, the Guide - but at the bottom of the screen by default the "On Now" icon is always highlighted. Same thing if it opens in Library or another view, the "On Now" icon is lit up. But what I'm looking at is not "On Now".

Looks like mine is functioning the same way. I'm on Android 10, not sure where to see the client version.

Under Settings > Support > About Channels. Thanks.

This is not affecting anything except my OCD, lol, and I certainly can wait patiently for this to be fixed in a future release after more important work is done on the server software and other clients.

Very strange. Android's BottomNavigationView is supposed to keep the view and the selected tab in sync. I'm not sure how it could be wrong. Will require more investigation.

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