Android TV Beta updates

Why has the Android TV app updated twice with no updates? Same build and what's new says no changes. :man_shrugging:t2:

We’re working on something. If there’s something worth knowing, we’ll let everyone know :ok_hand:

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Speaking of Pro Shield show Channels Beta installed via the Play Store and updates it fine. I just saw an update there for version 2.1..21.beta-v103122200.

But on my other Shield, it does not show Channels Beta app installed in the PLay Store.
I had installed the Beta version the other day via the button in the app under player, "Install Channels DVR Beta" and that appears to have side loaded the app, and resulted in both stable and Beta apps installed. I removed the stable version.

It still has beta-v103112049 and shows no update in the play store.
Nor does the "Update Channels DVR Beta" option in the app work. It says already have the latest version.

How do i get that Shield to work like the other for the Auto update of the Beta app version via G Play? I am guessing that it is not showing up cause it was side loaded?

It is using a different Google account, and I looked in that account on the PLay store and there is no "sign up for beta" option for Channels like I have seen for many other apps.

You need to login to the playstore that you signed up in the beta for. After that it will keep updating. I have both my gmail logins on mine.

how do u sign up for the beta with that other account? I must have done it with my G account at some point...but never saved the link.

I found some old links that loads a page for testing accept, but those are for the Live TV app that cost $25 and the DVR server app...not the normal app.

Is there any any issues just using the sideloaded beta app and using the update check option in the app? why isnt that working?

Why not just sign in with the other account on your shield?

Cause i dont want 2 accounts on the thing.
less things for the user of it to mess with

thanks for the link.