Android tv on Bravia - tve keeps pausing buffering crashing

Watching tv on Sony bravia android tv. Using beta app. Server and tv updated to newest beta. Channels keeps pausing, buffering and then shuts down. This particular channel is on Locast, wife says it’s doing it all day. WAF going down. Can’t have that! Can’t figure out what to do to fix it. Server and tv On Ethernet to
Gig speed Inet. Was working fine before. Used to have this problem on USA but could back up 10 secs and it would be fine. Any ideas?

How is your signal? I've found that if the signal has enough issues to cause enough periodic glitches, eventually it will ruin the entire playback requiring that you back out of the stream and open it back up. Until it happens again.

Edit - Sorry, I overlooked the locast part, just ignore me.

Please click Submit Diagnostics in the app after this happens

Ok submitted diagnostics in app. It didn’t crash this time but keeps stopping to buffer over and over. Plenty good connection speed.
This buffering is on USA tve. I will test on Locast again that’s where it crashed

Logs showing very poor download speeds.

What does Settings > Support > Speed Test show?

Shows 100.61Mbit/s. 2.16ms latency 1.36ms jitter. I have a 1000M switch so that’s lower, but just read book for tv and the Sony Bravia ethernet jack is 100M

USA seems to be the worst one. Also noticing some pixelation in stream.