Android TV Shield 9.0.1 - any progress?

Been holding off on the upgrade to 9.0.1 per instructions. Wondering where Channels was at?

What’s the current status?

I just saw an update on my Shield last night that said it included a fix for Channels DVR.

I just saw that tonight. 'Anybody know what bug was fixed?


I've never known an issue to go unanswered for so long. Where are the developers?

Now my shield says there's an upgrade to 11....

What do we do???

9.0.1 is not safe

9.0.2 is okay to upgrade to. After upgrade click Help > Update DVR Server inside the client app on your SHIELD.

Upgraded to 9.0.2 but don’t see the “help” section in the DVR server app or regular Channels app either. No DVR content is loading currently. Any more specifics you can provide would be great

Update: I have restored the DVR by deleting the DVR app then re-downloading the channels DVR app which is where I found the "help" section. I then reconnected the DVR path via the admin settings... Not intuitive but it's working!

(Edit: In short: In a web browser go to http://[ip_address_of_shield]:8089/restore, and point it to your previous DVR storage.)

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I had to let this device go. It messed up my hard drive for the second time. I just moved it backed to my Computer and just leave it running all the time.