Announcing Channels DVR


Recordings will be saved to a local computer or NAS.


Would there be a problem testing side by side with SD DVR? If I wanted to use one Prime for Channels and one for SD DVR, would that be problematic? Personally I would probably try to use the NAS for both and just split up the programs I regularly record over both programs to see which one I prefer.


Prior to the Channels DVR Integration I was using KODI on the Mac to schedule recordings and using MrMC for playback. I can go back to that if you removed it from the Channels Beta but would prefer to continue to use Channels Beta. I am willing to be a “Alpha” tester to keep the DVR Support in Channels. I have a WDMyCloud, Synology and Mac Mini so I probably have one of your early test machines. And of course I have the backup plan with KODI / MrMC if for some reason there was a problem with the Channels Alpha DVR :wink:


My back up is the same as yours’. Kodi on a Raspberry PI & iMac and MrMC on the Apple TV.



Australia to be a close second?


We understand everyone’s concerns regarding the current Beta and HDHR DVR integration. Many of you are using this as a full time DVR solution, and have even returning existing cable boxes, so are wary of losing functionality when no alternative exists yet.

For the time being, we’re going to leave HDHR DVR integration in the beta. As @maddox stated we’ve already removed the code, so this requires a bunch of extra work on our part to maintain two different versions of the beta app and keep them in sync. But we will do our best to keep the feature in-place for you until the Channels DVR beta launches. Note, however, that we are no longer using or testing against the HDHR DVR engine ourselves, so things may still accidentally break and we will be unable to fix them.

When we do finally push out a beta that removes HDHR DVR features, it will be clearly stated in the TestFlight email and you can choose not to upgrade to the new version at that point.


Thank you for that. Realize that is huge to deal with, but your made your Beta too good. So the Bar is raised for this next effort. :grinning:


Really appreciate your taking the extra time and effort to assist us in this transition.


Really appreciate this too. I was never able to get a reliable playback of recorded files on the AppleTV from HDHR without your app. Ended up having to run stuff through Handbrake.

I am still using EyeTv for most recordings but it isn’t working great now and I am desperate to transition asap.

I don’t need a guide, I just need the ability to schedule manual recordings - that’s how desperate!


I agree with there being no “grid” guide view.

  1. LiveTV ability
  2. Solid guide GUI - including grid view
  3. DVR functionality and scheduled recordings/recurring based on new/repeat etc
  4. DRM support

Those are my big 4. I put my money where my mouth is yesterday. $150 for AppleTV and $20 for the App. Anything you need, let me know!


How do I get in on the beta? I have an apple tv with the channels app, a synology nas, and mac mini as a plex media center. I have spent a bunch of time using TVHeadend, Myth, and even the HDHomerun DVR.




Looks great, is Canada included in the DVR roll-out?


Please consider Channels DVR support for multiple PRIME units, for those who need to record/view more than 3 shows at a time. It would be great to have unified experience, or no user knowledge of which PRIME unit is being used for viewing/recording.


This is absolutely planned.


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When do you expect the first beta?


I was a Kickstarter backer for the HDHR DVR but it hasn’t really made much progress since it was funded on May 20, 2015. I’m really looking forward to the Channels DVR Beta . Sign me up as a Beta tester for this as well.


Hi, I’m from the UK. Is the beta closed for new testers?



Sign me up for the beta. Can’t wait for this functionality. Keep up the good work!


This is very exciting news! I have been a channels user since day 1, and I would be very interested to get Involved with the beta!