Announcing Channels DVR


Still no response to my prior Canada question, as we use ATSC the same as US for our OTA signals support should be easy to integrate. If so, I’d like to be on the beta.



Canada will be fully supported when our beta launches this summer.


Thanks for the information.


Would love to participate in the beta. I’m running Channels. I have the HDHR DVR record engine installed (manually) on a Drobo5N NAS. It works much better than I expected, but would love to have DVR capability on my AppleTV. Happy to test with that configuration whenever you’re ready for more beta testers!


Please consider the DVR backend running on a NAS. There are plenty of NAS devices released nowadays with very capable CPUs, including Intel i3, i5, i7, and even Xeon e3 and with RAM of 16 GB and above. There are also capable AMD-based NAS models. Please release the DVR backend for main NAS makes, such as QNAP, Synology, etc.

Please do not cripple the DVR by restricting it to Windows/Mac only. It’s crucial to have an option for the DVR backend to be able to run on a NAS.

Thank you.


Hi bud. The whole build up for this DVR will be to ultimately run it on a NAS. Have no fear. The Windows/PC is just for the Alpha and Beta stages I believe.


Extremely sad to read that DVR will be US only initially😕
I understand there may be guide data challenges, but if you allow over-the-air guide data as a source it shouldn’t be too much trouble making it available for the rest of us!


How do I get involved with the beta?


You’ll just have to stay tuned into community. See below link to a different post.


Been using channels for a while and I love it. Any room for another beta tester?


Hoping there is some news in the next couple days. The current beta on TestFlight expires in 8 days… Crossing fingers for a new backend…


Current Beta just extended.


Great News. - Hopefully the next release will see the full backend replaced.


Would love to help test this!

Not sure if channels DVR will be macOS based or Linux based (or both). If it’s a Linux release I’d love to help test because I’m a smartos user and I want to make sure it works perfectly in an lx zone.


I would also love to test. I’m on TestFlight for infuse too. I have a Mac mini, MacBook and Apple TV 4.


Would love to help!
MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iPad Pro 9.7, iPhone 6s+, ATV 3 and 4, HDHomerun Prime, Tivo, Elgato EyeTV HD


Would like to be included as well.


I’d love to help too. Just bought Channels today!


Would love to test. I have testflight installed and was one of your early channels beta testers. Please let me know if I can test the DVR. Thanks


I love your apps both iOS beta version and the Apple TV version. Great work!!

I have a Synology NAS DS412+, would love to beta test the DVR if this NAS will be supported.