Announcing Channels DVR


Please include me in the DVR Beta. Running iMac 24/7 as a server 2 Apple TVs and an iPhone running the beta.


This channels app is awesome, purchased it the other day , it’s working like a champ. I’d like to be included in the DVR beta if possible.


Please consider me as well for the DVR beta.

I can test the backend on OS X 10.11, Win7, Win10, and Server 2012 R2.


Very excited to hear about this. I just bought my HDHomeRun which works great but DVR is the missing link. I was considering buying EyeTV 3 but concerned that it hasn’t been updated for many years. I will now wait and see what you guys come up with. Keep up the good work!

Please do bear me in mind for the beta testing. I am a television director and looking for a convenient way to record my shows when they broadcast.


I’m sure the details about joining the beta will be posted here when available.


Consider me up for an invite for Channels DVR beta testing when you decide to send invites! Thanks!


Hey There! I would be totally down to be chosen for the Channels DVR beta. I have converted my TV and my parents TVs to Channels and we really love it.
I have 4 AppleTVs and would really like to give critical feedback to the channels community with participating with beta.

Thank you!!


I appreciate you busy are super busy but any chance of an update on the DVR please?


Would love to test the dvr beta when available also. Great work by the way.


Absolutely would love to be a beta tester. How can we sign up?


I’m a UK-based customer and user-interface designer that would gladly help test and provide feedback on any future releases. Cheers.


2 things; 1) I have started to read this thread daily and I am super excieted for this release but I guess I will miss checking in for the DVR release after it happens… Guess habits form easily and are hard to break! 2) this is simple, so I am just going to say it-- PLEASE stop posting the same thing over, and over; I am sick of reading about how people would love to get in on the beta. Everyone has been told to check in daily, right here, and to follow Channels on Twitter because the beta will be announced those two places! To everyone who continues to ask about being involved with beta, “you should be 86’D”! You are turning this enjoyable couple mins, where I check in, from a chill inviroment into one that is not as relaxing as it should be. It is like when someone spams you on Facebook! Not Kosher! So please STOP “stressing the thread” with an “anxious inpatients” because your killing the vibe(just saying that I can’t be the only person feeling it).!.


“PLEASE stop posting the same thing over, and over; I am sick of reading about how people would love to get in on the beta.”



Agreed! Especially because they keep bumping this thread called ‘Announcing Channels DVR’, which just gets everyone’s hopes up.

Err I guess I just did that.


Sorry for the complete novice question but how will the Channels DVR save the shows/data? Will you be able to save directly to the Apple TV’s storage? Or will we need an external hard drive connected to either the Apple TV or the homerun connect? Thanks.


The DVR system will be separate software that you will run on another computer or NAS.


New comer here so if this has been answered elsewhere, my apologies

What OS will the DVR back end run on? Windows initially and Linux down the road? Both? Windows only?

I recently picked up a HDHR Connect and using it on the Apple TV 4 via Plex and a beta channel app from within Plex.

Will probably be buying your Channels app here soon so I can cut out Plex and use my tuner straight from your app and hearing about your future DVR back end, I see Apple TV 4’s replacing all the other boxes in my house once it’s released.


So far the announcement has been Mac and Linux and then NAS. Windows is not on the schedule as far as I know.



Just installed the Channels app and I must say it is awesome.

Interested in Beta testing the DVR. Not sure if there is a signup somewhere but figured I would try here first.

Thank you!