Annual iOS & tvOS Beta Warning (2023)

Hey everyone! This is just a reminder that, if Channels is critical for you, don’t install any iOS or tvOS betas right now.

We don’t get to working with betas till later in the summer close to release time. Otherwise, as a developer, you end up chasing bugs in your software that end up being system bugs.

So if Channels is important to you, and something is broken on iOS or tvOS 17, you should hold off. Nothing will be fixed any time soon.

Also, the betas right out of the gate are rough and no one outside of developers should be running them on anything but development devices.

You have been warned.


I like to live dangerously.

No issues on:

  • ATV4K: tvOS 17.0b1
  • iP 13+: iOS 17.0b1
  • iPad 9: iPadOS 17.0b1
  • M1MBP: macOS Sonoma 14.0b1

New iOS features:

  1. I don't recall seeing this on iOS 16, but you can now change the channel using the iOS TV remote interface.
  2. I have not been able to find the new Find My remote feature.
  3. Reportedly, you can change the TV volume using the volume buttons on the phone, but it does not seem to work. I had submitted a feature request years ago to allow changing the volume using the digital crown on the AW.

This was in iOS 16 but seemed inconsistent in when it would be present for some users. I was always able to see the buttons while using Channels.

This was also possible in iOS 16 but you need speakers that the Apple TV properly recognizes via HDMI-CEC. Or use HomePods with your Apple TV. If you have a compatible setup, you can also use the digital crown on Apple Watch.

Same here.

I have three TV setups that it works on: one with a Sonos Beam soundbar, and two with HDMI-connected Sonos AMPs that are wired to two ceiling speakers each. But in iOS 16 it's a little inconsistent too. It usually works in the Remote utility, but not always. Same with the Lockscreen. Hopefully with tvOS 17 it's more reliable and available consistently.

More discussion about tvOS 17 specifics here.

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I just noticed there is a duplicate PM in the channel guide times. Appears on iOS/iPadOS/tvOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, but not on iPadOS 16. I assume it's an Apple bug to fix. As @Maddox stated, there is no support for betas. Submitted an Apple Feedback Report JIC. (FB12263851)


Yep, seeing the same on tvOS 17 Public Beta, in the live timeline:

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Yep same here.

Workaround for now is changing Apple TV's time format to 24hr :slight_smile:

Hate using 24hr but looks nicer than the random AM/PM for now haha

Interesting that the experimental video driver does not work with the Pluto channels.

What version of the client are you on that still has an experimental video driver? I am on the latest TestFlight, and the video driver options are “default” and “legacy.” And default works on all my channels, including Pluto. Audio has an experimental driver option. I’m using that and it works fine with Pluto content too though.

Maybe you need to update your client app?

I'm on 5.6.5. The options are Default and Experimental.

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This change happened in the TestFlight last September:

I vaguely recall that change. Apparently it never stuck. @maddox?

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Just realizing my error. I meant the audio driver, not video. :man_facepalming:

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Hmm, Pluto content is playing fine for me in tvOS 17 with the experimental audio driver.

Not sure what's different about your setup, just sharing another data point.

Are you also using stereo HomePod 2nd generation pairs with 17.0?

I just checked and I'm having issues with Pluto channels where there is no audio and after a few seconds the video just pauses.

No, just one HomePod mini, and it’s on 16.6, not 17 beta. That’s just in the kitchen though. The other room’s TVs send audio to speakers in the walls via Sonos.

Having same problem on some news channels as well.

After extensive testing with tvOS 17, the latest TestFlight build of Channels on Apple TV and multiple HomePod Mini’s (also running tvOS 17), here are my observations:

• When watching live TV, recorded TV or a video, it starts to play video with NO audio for approximately 5 seconds and then pauses the video. Tapping pause a few times or RW/FF will cause the audio to engage and then the video will eventually catch up and play normally. This behavior occurs on all of my Apple TV’s running the beta, including those using a single HomePod mini as well as those using a stereo pair.

FYI, I’m using the default video driver and experimental audio driver.


I'm still experiencing this. Otherwise, audio through the HDHRs and HomePods is the best it's ever been.