Another Clock and Color Thread (Photoshopped)


Color options and a clock seemed to be the most requested feature, and I've posted an example of Bell's DVR app in those threads since the app itself looks nearly identical to Channels with a clock and more neutral color palette. Well I took a few mins to modify the Channels UI with similar a similar design, keeping just enough purple for Channels branding and added a small digital clock. Instead of the small indicator dot for the progress the entire guide is now color coded to show just how much time has passed. Vote it up if you like it, this can be the new thread for everyone requesting either change!


There are two other small changes I would make...

  1. Only 5 rows in the guide, with the middle row always being the highlighted/selected row (unless you are at the very top of bottom of the guide

  2. Show color only on the highlighted (middle) row and on scheduled recordings.

This would make it much easier to know what item is selected, the scroll feature would work like a slot machine where the selected channel is always dead center. I've posted this image before and it is a good example of what I'm looking for.


5 rows is not nearly enough. I'd much prefer more rows and the ability to page up/down. Top picture is much better than the one in the second post.


I'm neutral on how many rows, but DEFINITELY would like to see that center hi-lite bar stay stationary!


I like the 7 rows. Regarding a center stationary highlight suggested in other replies - I don't see the point. The current moving highlight works fine vertically. What I don't like is the way the highlight hangs up horizontally if the program length is greater than the guide width 2-1/2 hrs or more. I have to move up or down to shorter program segments to move escape the horizontal highlight trap. What I would like to see is a Pic-in-Pic for the currently selected channel in place of the screenshot of the highlighted program, which is one of the few things DirecTV guide does better than the Channels guide.


That will never happen, dtv can do this bc they are broadcasting all channels 24/7, if you tried to do that with would take 3-4 seconds for the pic in pic to show up and grab a tuner, and constantly be grabbing a tuner as you scroll thru the guide


I pretty sure what is meant here is that when yu back out to the guide while playing live TV, the current channel plays in the corner while browsing for other channels.


I read it the same as jmcquire. Some of the streaming services do exactly this as well, but as he mentioned I think that would cause issues with tying up tuners. Unless it could be fast and smart enough to use the same tuner only.


You misunderstood what I would like - not for the PIP to show the changing highlighted channel in the guide, but rather the channel I'm tuned to before I go to the guide. I could browse what's on while keeping up with the program I'm watching. If a program/channel is already tuned in when I exit to the guide, and Channels DVR can record a program while I'm surfing the guide, displaying one at the top shouldn't be a problem. I have a Homerun Quatro so with 4 tuners, there would most likely be one available.