Another Feature Request


Is there a technical reason we cannot have the live view while in the Guide?? Maybe a window in the upper left corner? I find it a bit odd that Channels does not have that as it is bit annoying to have to jump back and forth from live viewing or the Guide, maybe at least provide an option like the drop down favorites, but show and allow to scroll up/down through the guide.


Oh, one last BIG feature request, please allow DRM content to be viewed in Channels, this is already available in Google Live Channels App and HDHomeRun App for over a month now, hate having to leave Channels App just to watch NatGeo HD(one of our few DRM’s channels, thanks Verizon-Fios!)


It’s more, way, way more than simply “allowing” it, and it isn’t likely to happen any time soon, or perhaps ever, with Channels. Explanation: An update on DRM support


I hate this too, but it’s not Verizon’s fault… it’s Fox’s fault - they own NatGeo and most of the Fox-owned channels have DRM which is fine by me since I don’t have to watch Fox News…BUT it also means anything on FX or FXX also gets DRM’d.


Now Disney owns those Networks except news. Maybe that will help. Also with the Fox app, you can stream all those channels live


So that link you provided i believe was written before DRM viewing was enabled by SiliconDust last month. Since the Google Live Channels app now supports DRM viewing without any licensing, I believe with Oreo they were able to create a secure path on Android. As the release of DRM viewing of channels coincided with the release of Oreo on Shield and the MiBox.


Still no word on the DRM channels that Google Live Channels can view and SiliconDust enabled?


We are not able to support DRM. If that is important to you then Channels is not the right solution.


Google's Live Channels only supports viewing DRM with the HDHomeRun input type, not the network tuner. Therefore, what is essentially happening is that the HDHomeRun software is decoding the DRMed content and presenting it, not Live Channels. SD's software is the only option for viewing DRM content.


OK, thank you for the responses. I'll stick with Live Channels.