Another piece of the puzzle

In my quest to boot cable card tivos out of my home

I am on a current 30 day trial with channels
Set up in docker on synology nas using tve branch
Stress testing with directv tve and spectrum tve and some iptv channels, some cam feeds, etc.
DVR passes have been working pretty good but I find it annoying having to type in the channel manually or else it records a lot of syndication in series
Have loaded some local tv series and a few movies or two, It appears channels supports up to HDR10 4K video playback
Loaded some trailers to a virtual channel in videos.
Mapped out channels experience layout for harmony hub based remotes
Today, 3/17/23 picked up a tablo quad tuner dvr for $70 shipped. ( it does NOT come with a hard drive but has the internal 2.5 bay or usb option) Is a HD required to use as a slave tuner for Channels? I read mixed responses. If anyone has a link to the tablo info for Channels please share.
I am trying to get channels to the point that my wife will move forward without our Tivo Roamios.
One thing that has been pointed out is that the apple tv app is well polished and android tv is just available, not a lot of dedicated coders on the android side. It works, its not as pretty but it works well with a tivo stream, nvidia shield.

I am excited to get the tablo to do some more stress testing. I have two OTA tivos with lifetime I am not getting rid of just yet. Why should, no fees, mini clients etc. Channels DVR is a very impressive software offering.

No. Not required and Channels cannot use it even if you had one

I thought it might be required for caching or buffering depending on the way channels interacts with it. I know tablo is not as open as hd homerun, but a quad tablo for $70 shipped was hard to pass. Its never been used either, They upgraded from a dual and decided to go a different direction with youtube tv. Seemed like the right balance between price , value and functionality. It is the newest model from tablo that runs about $199 on amazon without drive storage.