Another recent ATV bug - play button stutter

So this has started in the past few weeks...on Apple TV, play a show. Then pause it. Then hit the home button...go into some other app.

Then go back to channels. Now hit the play/pause button. It either won’t work, or will stutter - play and then pause immediately. If you click the touch surface on the remote, it will resume playing properly. It seems like Channels isn’t detecting / reacting to the play button being pressed properly after a resume from another app.


Just to add to my own post...I just retried this without leaving Channels on ATV. Stutter is there. So to test...just play a show...pause it. Then try to unpause with the play/pause button and watch the stutter occur. If you click the touch surface, it resumes properly.

What version of the app are you using, and how recently did this start?

Sorry I’m just seeing started Nov/Dec in earnest. It’s definitely more prevalent on native H.264 channels than it is on MPEG2-based channels. Where I am, Comcast uses MPEG2 for broadcast channels and H.264 for all the other cable channels. I’ll keep an eye on it. I’m now on 3.2.41 which just came out and will update if I see it recur.

If you see it again please click Submit Diagnostics in the app

Are you using Audio Driver: Experimental? The Default driver might work better.