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I have Hulu Live TV and that records to my NAS. Am I also able to add an antenna to get local news and have that also record to the NAS?

Of course. Learn more here:

And it can be setup to communicate to the NAS and not record it on the HDHomeRun box?

Correct channels will take the hdhr stream and record it to your nas for playback on your client’s running the channels app.

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Thank you! Which HDHomeRun would you recommend?

HDHomeRun FLEX 4K - SiliconDust

That is one of the beauties of ChannelsDVR. You can have many many sources. I have TVE, HDHomeRun Connect OTA Antenna, HDHomeRun Prime Cable Card, Custom Channel Sources (Pluto, Stirr, Samsung, Plex), ADBTuner to use HDMI Chromecast devices as sources, and a Docker to pull in FrndlyTV. You can literally have dozens and dozens and dozens of various sources and types all at once. All recording to your NAS if you wish.

Below is my current sources box. :grin:

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HDHR 4k Flex by far.

What antenna would you recommend? I see a lot on Amazon but I'm not sure what is junk and what isn't.

You need to head on over to and put in your location in order to figure that out. If the channels you're supposed to get are mostly in the green, then any decent indoor antenna will work

I have used a $50 unit from Channel master that sits in an upstairs window. Works great.

And - for newbies - you do not need a NAS - I use an old mac with a 1T SSD attached.

Agreed, YMMV is never truer than when talking about antenna requirements. Head over to and do a search. Copy the linkable results and paste it back here and you can get more specific recommendations.


Off topic: I am concerned for you. Are you ok. Do you need help setting up more virtual channels. I see you only have 1.



Others have already mentioned

Also checkout AntennaMan on youtube for antenna recommendations.

But in general

(Best) Rooftop antennas > Attic antennas > indoor antenna > flat antenna (worst).

That being said. If your close to tower with good reception. You can get signal with a paperclip. But as you get more distance/obstructions you will need better.

Channel masters & televes both are reputable antenna companies.

The other main thing to consider besides signal strength at your antenna is what frequency the stations you're trying to receive broadcast on. An antenna has to be designed for the frequency bands you want to receive. LO-VHF, HIGH-VHF and UHF.