Antenna Booster (Televes) Review

I purchased the Televes Signal Booster. I chose this one because of the review from Antenna Man. These signal numbers where taken about 10minutes apart.

Hardware I used
HDHR Quatro
Televes 560383 Single Input Antenna Preamp Amplifier
Antenna Direct Rooftop Antenna with VHF

Before adding the signal booster
Ch # --- Signal Strength --- Signal Quality
5.1 (PBS) --- 73% --- 100%
8.1 (Bounce) --- 47% --- 59%
9.1 (NBC) --- 69% --- 81%
20.1 (ABC) --- 70% --- 100%
21.1 (ION) --- 11% --- 0% (Weak Signal)
28.1 (CBS) --- 56% --- 78%
43.1 (Univ) --- 11% --- 0% (Weak Signal)
51.1 (FOX) --- 70% --- 100%

After adding signal Booster
Ch # --- Signal Strength --- Signal Quality
5.1 (PBS) --- 100% --- 100%
8.1 (Bounce) --- 97% --- 67%
9.1 (NBC) --- 100% --- 77%
20.1 (ABC)--- 100% --- 100%
21.1 (ION) --- 59% --- 0% (Weak signal)
28.1 (CBS) --- 100% --- 93%
43.1 (Univision) --- 57% --- 0% (Weak Signal)
51.1 (FOX) --- 100% --- 100%

Summary: I was hoping it would help me get ch 21 & 43 (plus sub channels) more clearly. I currently only can pic up a picture occasionally. I wish I could get these reliably because there are a lot of Movie channels I would like to record from. It did increase there signals but not enough to be reliable.

My main concern was CBS & ABC. I get about 1-2 recording interrupted from CBS (+ sub stations) a week. I did see significant gains on CBS Signal quality went from 78% to 93%.

I am hoping I will see a reduction in "recording interrupted"

Try posting a "Rabbit ears" reception report. It will show the true RF channel and the signal strength available at your home.

Hmmm - the channels you're asking about don't even appear on your report - did you use the pinpoint map? Is your antenna height about right?

If so, short of building a tower for more height, i wouldn't chase this rainbow.

Channel 21 is listed as BAD in the report. So don't even try. Channel 43 ? What is the Call name ?

Im aware that this channels aren't on my report. To get them relibly i need a 2nd antenna, higher, pointed in different direction. I don't wana buy 2nd antenna and 2nd HDHR.

Thing i am most happy about is increase in signal for channels i get. NBC, CBS, Fox etc have all gone up acrossrd board.

Channels 21 + 43 are not Main broadcast stations. So they are not required.

time will tell if it makes difference in my recordings. I hate looking for interupted shows on streaming.

I hope my report helps someone who is debating on purchasing a signal booster.

Ah, ok. I totally get it, as i also have 2 markets in opposite directions. I also have had very good luck with Televes stuff (I have the 2-input version of that same preamp).

You should keep an eye out for an upcoming product from them - it will dynamically work with 3 inputs, and allow the end-user to "remove" an offending signal from one of the inputs. They have a larger version of this already (the AvantX), but this will be more realistically priced. Follow on this AVSForum thread.

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I bought one of these because I thought I would get a better signal if I had a single unit to replace my separate pre-amp and UHF/VHF combiner. (Juice Pre-amp).

It turned out that the signal was not as good as my old setup, so I returned it.