Antenna (OTA) Playback Issues with Nvidia Shield TV Pro

I'm experiencing playback issues on the latest Nvidia Shield TV Pro purchased in December 2020. I submitted a couple of diagnostics before creating this topic. While watch antenna over-the-air (OTA) channels, the specific error message is "Tuner Network Problems - Network problem are causing issues with signal". The Shield is connected via Ethernet. None of the other wired devices which are the three (3) Amazon Fire TV Stick 4Ks and the Apple TV are experiencing this issue. The wireless Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K isn't experience this issue either. I tested further by placing another TV with an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K in the same room as the TV with the Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Playing the same over-the-air channels on both TVs, the TV with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K doesn't experience these issues connected via Ethernet or connected via wireless. How can I fix this issue with Channels and Nvidia Shield TV Pro?

What does it say under Settings > Support > Speed Test

You can try enabling Tuner Sharing under Settings > Playback > Advanced

Speedtest Results:

Download -=> 937.78 Mbit/s | Latency -=> 1.56 ms | Jitter -=> 0.44 ms

Is the video and/or audio having issues or is it just that you get the error message?

Please submit diagnostics from the app after it happens, using Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics > Other

Ok, I've submit it again. I have the HDHomeRun Connect Quatro and all four are rarely used. Can you tell me how enabling Tuner Sharing will resolve this issue?

The video freezes and there's no audio. The error is displayed before the video starts at the point it freezes (behind schedule).

Tuner sharing changes the data path to go through the dvr. The speedtest shows you have a good connection to your dvr.

Ok, thanks. I'll submit the diagnostic when it occurs again.

I just submitted a diagnostic.

Another diagnostic submitted. Let me know if I need to submit another. Thanks...

Thanks. Is this a new problem? Did it pause before during playback and not show any notification?

Any improvement with tuner sharing on?

This problem has been going on for several months. I've deleted and re-installed the Channels app several times, installed new CAT6 cables, replaced the antenna VHF single rods and more until I realized that the Nvidia Shield TV Pro was the only device having this issue.

Until about a week or so ago, it would pause and show no notification.

I haven't had a chance to test it with Tuner Sharing enable. I'll test it for 30 minutes to an hour and get back with you.

With Tuner Sharing enable, it just paused but showed no notification. I'll continue to watch to see what happens.

Does the picture still break up, or just pause then resume

I don't think that the picture broke up. I'll pay close attention if it happening again and let you know.

There has been two 5 - 10 seconds pauses with no picture break up. I'll monitor it for a few days. There are a couple of NBA games on over-the-air channels tomorrow so I can monitor it for a while.

Do you have to back out to the guide and reopen the channel? Sounds like my issue if you do.

I don't have to back out of the guide. It usually starts back or I can close the program without going all the way out of the guide.

The picture doesn't break up. It pauses and, then, resumes but never attempts to catch up. I sent a diagnostic.