Anvato: Failed to retrieve content

Hi There,

I've been trying and trying to get a few select channels to work properly. It seems to be a specific group of channels owned by NBC Universal. Bravo, USA and E! Etc.. They are part of my package, but I can also NOT stream from the TVE site. I can stream them via SLING's interface.

I'm getting the following error:

If you can't stream them from NBC's site, that means Sling does not have a TVE agreement with NBCU, and they won't work in Channels.

Having a channel in your cable/OTT package does not mean you automatically have TVE access; they are separate/additional agreements your provider must negotiate as part of their carriage agreement.

I have the unique ability to have access to DirecTV login as well. I'll concede I do not believe this is a Channels issue, but I've been racking my brain trying to figure why these work for others and not me.

Edit: I should also point out, I don't get an error on Bravo, E! etc... just a black screen where the video should be.

You can try contacting Sling support, but I don't think they will be of much help. Those channels do have TVE support with Sling.

Super weird... I know this is not exactly the most thrilling thread. But I did make a discovery. If I run a VPN, i'll get access to everyone one of those channels, but at the same time... I loose a handful of others. I'm in the states. I'm even just using a VPN inside of the same state. Really odd stuff.

Could be something with Anvato's backend CDN not handling redirections. (Anvato is a video/media CDN, like Uplynk and others. Perhaps the problems stem from them not directing you to the proper servers for your location.)

Interesting... Do you think I could make any changes on my side to correct this problem?

The first thing I'd look at is your DNS servers. If it works fine with a VPN, what is your VPN doing different than your home network? Maybe change your local DNS servers to match those being used by your VPN server.

First, thanks for taking the time to ping - pong ideas with me. I did connect the VPN and make note of the DNS servers. I plugged them in but it was not a success. I also tried a variery of other DNS... right now I'm using google's and - It still works when the VPN is connected, but not after that...

Personally, I use Cloudflare's DNS servers (, You can also try Quad9 (,, or OpenDNS (,

You may need to modify the DNS on your network adapter settings to override your router's offering, and to ensure that your ISP isn't overriding your local DNS settings. (Of course, you could have an evil ISP that hijacks your DNS requests and forces use of their own DNS servers ...)

I use AT&T's fiber product. I tried all of your suggestions. I really thank you for the help. I feel like maybe this is a lost cause. Thank you again. If you happen to have anymore suggestions, i'll try them.

Your best bet is to contact nbc support on and tell them it's not working on their website for you

NBC basically told me it's not their issue and to pound sand. Thanks again guys.