Any plans to integrate Channels with Pay TV service?



Both SiliconDust and Amazon’s New Fire TV Recast offer the ability to integrate OTA signal with an internet pay tv service.

Channels has one of the best OTA app available. But do you have any plans of offering a “skinny bundle” that integrates with it as the other 2 I mentioned?


Using Channels to combine OTA channels with HDHR Premium TV is the best way to do this anywhere. You have all your live channels and recordings in the same interface. The only way I can see anyone doing this as well is if Amazon releases their own pay tv service similar to HDHR Premium TV for use with the Fire TV ReCast.


Amazon Recast lets users who subscribe to PSvue integrate OTA content with their subscription. So in areas where PSVue does not have rights to locals, Recast fills in. Brilliant if you ask me. When Direct TV first came out, their set top boxes did the same.


Brilliant in theory, but probably not in practice. From what I’ve read PSVue integration is nothing more than showing you what’s on live TV in the ReCast guide and then spitting you out into the PsVue app once you select it (or vice versa). I hope this is wrong, and please let me know if you have found otherwise. PSVue was by far my favorite streaming service and I used it along side channels for my OTAs until HDHR released Premium TV. If there were a way to have all live channels and all DVR recordings available in one interface without any way of knowing if they came fromPSVue or ReCast, I’d be all about it. this is what I have currently with Channels and HDHR Premium TV.


You can use HDHomeRun Premium channels directly in the Channels app. Subscribe to them and they’ll show up