Any way for direct channel input?


new to channels app, my remote has number keys which work in the built in android tv live channels app, but in this Channels app those buttons do not do anything..

any way to watch a particular channel by typing its #, like every normal tv watching experience??? thanks for any help..




surprising that this basic feature has not been implemented in a mature. for pay product such as this...


Don't get me wrong... Channels is an amazing product and I would recommend it to anyone. I know the issue with Apple TV is that the native remote does not have numeric inputs, so there is no way to implement channel number changes there. I don't know much about Android TV but I would guess that it is either the same scenario there, or the developers chose to keep a uniform experience between devices.


Thanks for your reply.. hopefully in the future they can support remotes with number inputs..


This question has been asked serval times before. Channels' usual response is to add the channels you watch most to your Favorites. That will give you quick access to them. It works well for me. I have never thought to myself - Damn, I wish I could enter a channel number...


I agree, some people can be a bit old fashioned, it's all about the WAF, wife acceptance


We recently added number input on the Guide tab and plan to add it into the player eventually as well (atleast on android TV)


thank you for the update, I will try it in the guide as soon as I get home...