Any way to change timeout?


It seems like there is a 10s timeout to open a source from an M3U playlist. Is there any way to allow us to select our own timeout value for each source or would this be complicated to add? I think 10s is a good default but it would be nice to be able to increase or decrease this if desired based on the content and source.


I thought Channels' timeout was 2 minutes. Are you sure the timeout is coming from Channels, and not the app receiving Channels' feeds?

(Remember, TVE streams can take a while to establish, especially if they have to reauthorize.)

Maybe I'm wrong about this, but I'm seeing the timeout in the Channels logs. I'm testing a background server process (that tests and selects streams) but sometimes requires >10 sec timeout.

There’s no way to change the timeout. You’re gonna want to ensure your service can respond in less than 10s by making sure it’s already prepared it’s data to send back.

Depending on how your service is implemented, one option is to return the http response headers within the 10s timeout and then you can wait longer to start sending data.

Thanks, I will see if this is possible (I'm not doing the coding).

For now, we have a workaround where, the feeds are reordered after a "play" attempt for a period of time. For example, if you click on a channel (in Channels), the server will go through Camera 1, 2, 3, 4 in order. If 1 and 2 are down (no motion) and 3 is active, you will get a timeout error in Channels. However, if you click on the same channel again, #3 will now come up first (and is well below the 10s timeout).