Any way to clear "activity" in server settings?

For the last three days, under Activity it shows I am watching a TV program that is not being watched. I have checked all my TVs and streaming items (AppleTV & Fire Stick) and made sure that all have exited the Channels DVR. I have even deleted the program that Activity shows is being viewed on my living room TV.

I don't suppose it is causing any problems, but I just can't figure out why it showing up as an active TV program being viewed.

Any clues?

You can restart the DVR server.

  1. Right click the system tray icon and select Exit
  2. Search for Channels DVR in the Start Menu and run it

Thanks! That worked!

Is there an easier way to do it when you are running it as a service? Or do I have to go the services tab in task manager to kill and restart it?

From the command prompt:

net stop [service] && net start [service]

From PowerShell:

Restart-Service [service]