Anybody subscribed YouTube TV?


I'm new on YouTube and not sure why occasionally I start watching a recorded show and find I have to watch commercials through out the show. I'm assuming its because the show is on demand. What I would like to know is what is the rule about when a show comes to me on demand and when its just recorded. Saw something last night and it was two days old and had commercials tonight I'm watching a show that is 22 hours old and on demand also I assume because of commercials! If I have the show set to record and don't watch it for a couple days does it switch over to on demand? That sucks! Also I would like a link to a good forum for YouTube!


The best forum is r/youtubetv on Reddit. YouTube TV has a fully functional DVR that will record future airings of episodes and let you FF through the commercials. However, their contract with CBS and CW require them to replace your recorded version of the show with the on demand version as soon as it is available. It usually takes about 10-12 hours for the on demand version to be released. If you look at the show in your library, it will say "Released x days ago" or "Recorded x days ago." Anything "released" is on demand.


Thank you very helpful!


Chris what is CW?


It's the CW channel available OTA. It has shows like Arrow, The Flash, Riverdale, etc. CW is jointly owned by CBS and AT&T, hence the same restrictions as CBS.


The CW was originally branded as The WB (Warner Brothers) network.



I looked at YouTube along with others after my HDHomerun premium subscription ran out. I found the most bang for the buck in programming I want is PlayStation Vue. My Nvidia Shield is not listed as compatible, but the app is in playstore & works fine. Only issue I see so far is on the home screen. I customized the channel list to include Vue, but it says the channel is empty. They have several lineups, the “basic” has no sports, a “core”, and 2 more. The one I chose (core I think) cost $49.99/mo and has way more sports than I want. HDHRprem was only $34.99. I had to subscribe to Hallmark for my wife, and a couple of other pay networks that I liked, but are included in the $49.99 Vue, so it’s a wash. The Vue DVR function is the same as YTube, any recording available on demand is saved that way. Limited FF & RR too. I think every Sony movie is available on demand.

Update 5/25/19: Vue does have a good variety of viewing choices for the buck, but the DVR & Grid guide sucks compared to the Channels DVR. I sure miss HDHR Premium. I hope Channels DVR can hook up with another streaming service.