Anyone else screwed from the Repak?

I'm in Orlando and NBC moved to a different city, now I hear CW is also. Sharing the bandwidth makes the signals weaker. Tried Locast the picture is crap.

Nope. The recent channel repack did us nothing but favors.

The only stations with which we'd had trouble had all been in the higher UHF frequencies. Now that they're all down below 600MHz, they're all solid as a rock.

Now if there was only something worth watching on broadcast TV...

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dont think there was any recent repack in my area...but due to other reasons, station bought anohter other something, few stations moved to a tower farther away and frequency hard to get, so they suck now. thankfully, wanst any major station.

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I'm about 50 miles south of San Francisco, and lost 26 channels in Phase 9:
4.x KRON moved lower on Sutro Tower (comes and goes)
13.x KOVR in Walnut Grove, Sacramento
18.1 KQRM on Mt. San Bruno
20.x KOFY on Mt. San Bruno
22.x KRCB moved from Sonoma Mtn. to Sutro Tower
28.x KCNZ on Mt. San Bruno
31.x KMAX in Walnut Grove, Sacramento
32.1 KMTP on Mt. San Bruno
plus their subchannels.

I only really care about KRON, though KOFY would be nice too. I support someone a few miles to the southeast of me who wants two of the missing subchannels. Luckily we still have cable for now. I'm hoping ATSC 3.0 will improve reception, but that is not going to happen anytime soon.

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Be careful what you wish for. You might not be pleased with the outcome. E.g.: They didn't get DRM added to the ATSC 3.0 specification just to pad it out :wink:

Plus, just like some stations decided the cost of participating in the repack wasn't worth it, there will be stations that look at the cost of the conversion to ATSC 3.0, decide it isn't worth it, and simply shut down.

Agreed! I think the DRM is currently planned only for pay-per-view, which will be authorized by connecting the receiver to the internet, but that connection is also how they could track all your viewing. "Not your father's OTA"...

On the other hand, I really hope ATSC 3.0 helps mitigate rain fade / pixelation on the major free broadcast stations. Until then we're hanging onto cable, at least while live TV streaming services do not offer surround sound.

According to, Orlando should be getting 3.0 this summer. If you haven't picked up the HDHR 3.0 tuner, now might be the time in order to be prepared.

We went through the repack quite a while back where I am. The biggest issue was the local PBS and the one in another market I can pick up moved to low-band VHF and I cannot pick them up with my antenna. Thanks to Channels, I have other methods to get them, so not a big deal.

Have you seen a difference? My first station is scheduled for Wednesday. I'm not sure if it's worth it.

Stations are obliged to maintain ATSC 1.0 simulcasts for a minimum of five years following their ATSC 3.0 switch-over.

@Richard_smith, if you want to see how good 3.0 is at signal compared to 1.0, watch this video:

@jseymour, I'm well aware, I was just offering OP something he could do about signal concerns considering his market has the opportunity soon.


I agree with you about Locast. I live in St Cloud and tried Locast. The last time I had a picture that bad I was using a black and white RCA 13 inch TV!

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Update. All my Channels are back and my NBC is coming in clear after the move. Now deciding if I should get a Flex. What will I gain from my NBC and 3.0 now?

It worked out in Baltimore. I didn't lose any Channels, plus there is a new HD (720p) subchannel that I found on the rescan, 66.2 (BOUNCE).

Personally, I would only get a Flex for the 2 3.0 tuners, but I don't need more 1.0 tuners. I might get it anyway, just to get some 4K OTA content. But right now am planning to wait a couple years to see if there is a better ATSC 3 HDHR.

I agree. I'm in the Nashville TN DMA. I can get the 3.0 stations, sort of. My area used QAM. They used QAM16 for the lower watched channels. QAM256 for the higher watched ones. I'm 60-70 miles away. Even with a good antenna, fair height, and better local LOS, QAM256 is a crap show. It's like satellite rain fade. QAM16 however is rock solid.