Anyone getting micro-stuttering? +Siri issues

Has anyone noticed some micro-stuttering while watching a live recording? It usually manifests while watching a currently-recording live program on a delay and after you scrub/skip through the content.

It's as if the frame rate drops and you get very slight stuttering (on video only (audio is fine)). It's not the bitrate dropping, just frame rate. If I pause the stream for even a second and resume, the stuttering goes away. This is most obvious in sports where the motion doesn't seem smooth anymore. [sorry if I'm not explaining this correctly].

Background: This is on my AppleTV 4k, while watching an NBC Sports recording (TVE) that's currently in progress. I have a mesh network that the AppleTV is hardwired to and it gets ~150Mbps on a speedtest. The DVR server is an iMac. The AppleTV is getting anywhere from 35mbps-41Mbps connection to the DVR server. It happens on my FireTV as well and on my second AppleTV HD.

Secondly, I've noticed that every time you press the Siri button while watching Channels, the audio of whatever you're watching stutters for ~2 seconds when the Siri overlay appears. Any clues as to why and how to fix?

Go to Settings > Playback > Advanced > Audio Driver: Experimental

Worked for the micro-stutter on my Apple TV 4K. Thanks!!!

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