API play recording

love the api so far. i see theres already an option to play a recording but you need the id of the recording.

how do i get the recording id?

id love to be able to api request the dvr recordings by show/date

Good question.

You’d have to get it from Channels DVR. The API isn’t public, but you could use your browser’s dev tools to see the requests made while browsing the web admin.

I know it sounds silly that there’s a an endpoint on the public Channels API that isn’t so useful. It exists for Channels on iOS (which does know the Recording ID) playing a recording to your Apple TV, Fire TV, or Android TV. We decided to make it available anyways.

Viewing the API calls on the web admin would show you how you can find recordings based on specific series too, which is useful if you want to write a hack that plays the most recent or some other specific episode of a series.

Thank you for your tip maddox, I got the non API web admin calls working finally. I was wondering, am I allowed to share links to shortcuts using non API calls on this forum?

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Sure. If you want to share something, please share it in the Hacks category. Be sure to preface that the Channels DVR API is not public so no one should rely on it. It could change at any time.