App crash after rewinding in live tv buffer

Recently, the Channels AppleTV app has been crashing quite frequently. It seems triggered by rewinding the live tv buffer, then pressing play. I tend to let the current show run while I do something else, then rewind several minutes back (say 20-30 mins) so I can skip forward during the commercial break. This has been crashing almost systematically since the last major updates of TvOS and Channels. My AppleTV 4K is currently running tvOS 14.0.2. Not sure how to check the installed app version.

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When you say crash what exactly happens on the screen?

I’m kicked out to the Apple TV Home Screen. Starting Channels again will display the “Preparing your tv” screen for a second or two, just like when I reboot the AppleTV.

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You can check the version of the app under Settings > Support > About

Under Settings > Playback > Advanced make sure nothing is set to Experimental


Channels 4.3.0
Help improve channels was already enabled by the way.

Nothing is set to “experimental” under Settings > Playback > Advanced.

Just tried this once more and it crashed the app once again :frowning:

Same as here. I open channels, start playing a channel then after 30s or so, app crashes and I’m sent back to Home Screen. Nothing set as experimental. I am on 4.3.0 too