App Crashes Periodically While Watching Live TV

Over the last week or so, the Apple TV app has been completely crashing to the home screen every ~30 minutes while watching live TV. I'm unsure if this still occurs while watching recorded content or TVE as I haven't been able to test that yet. I've ensured the app and tvOS are fully up to date. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the issue persists. My next step would be to completely reset the Apple TV but I'd prefer to avoid that if I can. I submitted diagnostics through the app so maybe that can provide some insight. Any thoughts?

Yea, I emailed support weeks ago with possible causes and diagnostics about this but I never get answers. It’s like my reports are blocked or ignored :man_shrugging:t2:. It’s infuriating, the stupid thing just likes to crash at the wrong damn time.

It will crash if you do fast remote inputs, or just sit there and watch, or it happens when rewinding gets stuck or when pip is invoked. It’s all over the place.

in pretty sure your post will get attention, like the android crashes from yesterday, so hopefully me bitching and your post will get some responses.

I’m very close to finding another front end and deal with that downside until someone acknowledges this huge problem and gets worked on.

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Oh, don’t do it. That won’t help. It’s the app.

Thanks for the diagnostics. I see there is some kind of memory leak, and when memory runs out the app crashes.

I am able to run the player all day long without such a crash, so there is something specific that's causing this problem.

If you can narrow down the issue to TVE vs OTA that would help.

It’s happened on OTA, TVE, virtual channels and the mlb docker. I think it’s happened on the Pluto docker.

It doesn’t discriminate, it happens often with anything.

Me too.

@alexperuso Your logs show something funky happening with your router's IPV6 support which was causing a chain reaction that ended in the app crashing after a few hours. This issue is fixed in the latest TestFlight

The new build seems to have worked. My ISP recently turned on IPv6 so that would explain why I only started having the issue now. Thank you for your prompt response and attention!

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Several more crashes have been fixed, including some I saw in @AeroR1's logs.

There is still a known crash that occurs when using PIP, after you start and stop PIP about 30 times. There's nothing we can do about it until Apple gets their act together, which may not be until next summer.

you know there is an easy fix that i will let you have for free, just a nice mention of me as a thanks on the software:

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