App crashes with new build

The newest testflight build crashes when I try to go into the Videos section. Going into other sections doesn't affect anything.

I went back to the earlier build and it works fine going into the Videos section. I can't submit any logs either because if I go into the Videos section, when I try to open the app it is trying to make me go right back into the videos section when the app opens and it just crashes right away.

I tried restarting the ATV and then opening the app again, but same thing. The only thing that solves it is reverting to the earlier build.

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Thanks for reporting it. We have a new release building now that rolls back the latest change.


That was fast! That did fix that issue.

I noticed something else though - going into On Later section is blank. You can see the TV Shows icon, Movies, etc, but no actual content.

Good catch! Thanks for reporting these things. I’ll check this out shortly.

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I just tested the new build. Newest issue is resolved!
Geez you guys are fast!

Anyway, haven't been able to break anything else yet. :grinning:

We really appreciate all of your testing. We wouldn’t be able to have the quality we have without people reporting issues as make improvements.

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