App for XBoxOne?

Has there been any traction on getting an app for XBox One? I use the app on my nVidia Shield and TiVO stream 4K depending on where I'm watching from, but an XBox app would be great. TiVO 4K is a nice device but there are issues on their part relating to the picture blinking in and out. I have a fire stick, but that device is missing some apps that I need access to.

Any update would be appreciated...Thank you

Since there currently is no software client for Windows, (or any desktop OS), there most likely will not be one anytime soon.
The ONE uses Windows Store app, (Metro UI/Modern UI also called)
Emby and Plex do have such apps. So you can import you local media files/recordings in to those software and watch on Xbox if you want that way.

I don’t believe the Devs have any plans for an Xbox One app at this point.