App needs to be restarted

Every now and then when I try to tune a TVE channel the wheel will just spin and spin. Eventually it either times out or maybe connects after a long long delay. But if I kill the app and restart it then it will connect to the TVE channel instantly. I see this on all of my ATV's.

Is there something about having the app open and running too long causing it to get laggy or lose connection to my DVR server?

Just a thought. Check the DVR log when it happens.
Could be your DVR is re-authenticating the TVE channel causing a delay.

It is reauthenticating but it never completes, it times out. But for some reason restarting the app on the ATV not the the DVR will make the authentication happen immediately. When this does happen it happens to almost every channel.

Here is an example before and after app restart

2022/11/22 08:53:18.511318 action=requestor err=Get "": net/http: TLS handshake timeout
2022/11/22 08:53:28.594924 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-YouTubeTV ch6050 MSNBC: TVE: Post "": net/http: TLS handshake timeout

2022/11/22 08:53:40.648565 [TVE] stream timestamps: msnbc: start_at=2022-11-22T08:52:18-06:00 end_at=2022-11-22T08:53:06-06:00 live_delay=28.437562s

I would submit diagnostics.
Difficult to imagine how a client could affect the DVR authenticating?

I have seen times where a recording fails because the DVR failed authenticating, but then viewing the channel live in the web UI player caused it to authenticate.

I don't know if it's because the authentication flow is different, or it's just timing.

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