App slow to tune to channels

I seem to have the same problem with tuning channels on my apple tv from my channelsdvr snology server. I see it trying to access the discovery channel and it's taking 8 seconds ... is that normal?

2020/09/27 19:25:07.376998 [TVE] stream timestamps: discovery: start_at=2020-09-27T19:25:11-07:00 current_at=2020-09-27T19:25:31-07:00 end_at=2020-09-27T19:25:40-07:00
2020/09/27 19:25:07.377053 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Comcast_SSO for ch6101 DISCOVERY
2020/09/27 19:25:15.576408 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Comcast_SSO for ch6101 DISCOVERY

Maybe I’m missing something but to me that looks like the channel being opened for 8 seconds and then closed. The closed message indicates the stream wasn’t needed any more so was stopped.