App slow to tune to channels

For the past couple of months it seems that the server is slow to tune to the channels on the Apple TV app. Tuning to OTA from the HDHR is quick but anything else TV everywhere is really slow. Particularly, channels like discovery or animal planet may take up to a minute to tune to the channel. I don’t know if this is something to do with the Apple TV or because I’m running the server on my Sony android TV. What can I do to speed up the channel tuning times? Is this an Apple TV app issue or possibly my server is too slow?

I noticed it would take longer to tune when it had to transcode. I set streaming quality to max and that prevented transcoding and also sped up my tuning.

Yes as mentioned check to make sure quality is set to original. TVE does rely on the server, so if the issue is only TVE it could be due to the server being slow.

Initial tuning may lag after not watching for a while as your hard disk may need to wake/spin up—this happens on my server. Another reason for tuning to take longer than expected for TVE channels could be due to the server needing to reauthorize your credentials for the network you are tuning. Transcoding will also introduce a delay, as the DVR server has to inspect the stream first see what it contains to determine how it's going to handle it (transcode, or simply remux).

Thank you. How do I turn transcoding off? I have everything set the play original quality.

If it's set for original quality, then it won't transcode.

Thank you. I think I’ve got everything working a little bit faster but some channels do take longer. It’s mainly the discovery channels. I guess that is an issue with their TV everywhere feeds

How many mississippi’s? I’ll try it on my end.

For discovery channel I stopped counting at 100 Mississippi. Sometimes I have to go back out and back in to get it to even load. The other discovery affiliated channels can be just as bad but not always. Most other channels are 15 seconds or less.

Look in the server logs to see where the delay is occurring. It’ll usually be clear if it’s having to reauthenticate.

I checked out the server logs. Looks like I may have found the issue. I’ve got several services logged in at the same time. Verizon, YouTube TV, Philo, and an HD homerun. It looks like it’s trying to pull the authorization from several of my cable services at one time. For example, for discovery, it looks like it keeps going back-and-forth pulling from Philo and Verizon FiOS Maybe I need to do some removing of duplicate channels to fix that.

Try making sure Discovery is just accessible by one of those.Disable it in the other sources.

I just tried that and now things seem to be loading even longer.

Did you try flip flopping them to check if one was faster than the other?

Yep, tried that as well. Just submitted my logs to channels and sent them an email explaining what’s going on. Maybe running it on a Sony android TV is slow

That would be the difference between us. I’m running my client on AppleTV’s. No issues like you describe. Good luck sir.

I didn’t know you could run it on the Apple TV. I was running the server on the Android TV but watching it on the Apple TV

You can’t run the server on an Apple TV. I think he misunderstood you.

I meant running the viewer client on AppleTV. My DVR server is running on Windows.

Thanks everyone. I may move the server to my Windows computer.