Apple 4k box vs nividia shield


What one runs channels better?


I'm going to predict the Apple device :wink:


Based on what devs have said on the forum, I don’t think anything beats the AppleTV 4K right now.


what do you mean runs better ?


Also not sure what you mean by runs better but I have used Channels on both and can speak to them individually. In my experience the Apple TV 4K is more fluid, or maybe quicker is a better word, than the Shield TV and there are some things with the Apple remote that are quite nice because of the touch portion, like the pull down to bring up options. The Apple remote doesn't seem to give me any more options than my universal remote that I use for the Shield but the touch can be nice with some of the gestures. Overall though they are very similar experiences between the two and I use the Shield TV as my daily set top box so spend a lot more time in channels on that then the Apple TV.

To be honest Channels is really great on both platform and for me its performance on one over the other isn't what sets the two systems apart, it's all the other stuff. As an example Hulu on the Apple TV supports profiles and uses the newer interface whereas they haven't updated the Android TV app in over a year, or something like that.


I had a lot of buffering on a older firstick that replacing it with a newer 4k one helped a lot but isn't perfect. Was debating on purchasing a apple tv or shield but didn't know if one worked better with channels only. Leaning towards a shield as I am in android ecosystem more then apple. Thanks for the response.


@jimmyrun is right. The difference is going to be the system more than the version of Channels. Channels works great on both, but feels a little better on Apple TV only because everything feels a little better on Apple TV.

The consistent 60fps animations and practically no drops really pays off for all the apps you use (except the ones that over do animation and can't get to 60fps :joy:)

The other thing is that the Apple TV has zero advertising and doesn't push it's own content unlike every other streaming device out there. This is one reason it costs a bit more. Overall the experience is just better (in my opinion).


I have both a shield and an apple box, both on wired ethernet. like others have said, channels works great on both. personally I also prefer the apple experience over the android one.


I was at someone’s house over the holiday that had Fire TV. I was shocked at the amount of advertising. I felt dirty.


I have several FireTV sticks of various models, and wholeheartedly agree. The advertising is excessive, but you really can't beat the price.

If you can afford it, definitely go for the AppleTV. The Shield is a close second, but AndroidTV apps lag behind tvOS apps. The FireTV works in a pinch.

(Now that most Rokus support MPEG2 decoding, perhaps they'll resume work on their proof-of-concept Roku channel, but that's definitely a far back burner project.)