Apple shortcut to list tonight's scheduled recordings

One of the things I tend to do at least once a day is to open the Channels DVR site on my phone, and look at the DVR tab to see what's recording tonight.

I was thinking it would be cool if I could just ask Siri (on iPhone or my HomePod) what was on, I built a shortcut to do just that. Here's a screenshot of it after running on the phone; I didn't upload a video, as I think you'll get the idea:

The shortcut requires iOS 13. It should (hopefully) run on HomePod as soon as it gets its 13 update, hopefully later today.

Here's a link to the shortcut:

When you first run it, it should ask for the IP address of your Channels DVR...beyond that, there shouldn't be any setup involved.

Also FYI, I couldn't find any documentation about an API and such on the DVR - so this is all likely to break at some point, use at your own risk, etc... :slight_smile:


For those curious about how it works, without having to download it -

It pulls a JSON document describing your scheduled recordings from


And sifts through the document looking for today's recordings.

Ace idea and works great, thanks for sharing!

With today's release of iOS 13.1.2, this now works on HomePod also!