Apple TV 2013 A1469?

I have what seems to be a Apple TV 2013? A1469 black (with silver remote??) box that my warehouse manager wants $10 for.

Is this to old a model for the latest Apple TV OS and to run current Channels as a client on?

That's a third generation Apple TV that doesn't have an app store, but instead only what Apple put on it with limited support. I'd save the $10 for Starbucks.

So much for those Apple fan boys that claim Apple supports their products for long time, far longer than their competition.

Looking on wikipedia, it says the apps on it are no longer supported and killed off.

I can still load up a old Android device from that era and use its app store.

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But do you still get system level security updates for it? Didn't think so.

So, you can get app updates from developers that support archaic and insecure operating systems, but the OS developer won't give you updates to protect the heart of your system.

2013 was 8 years ago. Google (and its Android licensees) will only commit to 3 years at most of security updates. Make sure you're comparing apples to Apples, not apples to flounder.

They just pushed the most recent OS and security update for 6 year old phones. Let’s see Android do that.

Don't care about security updates on such a device.
nothing to due with core function at this point.
And it am playing with it it did have an os update.
and does have a "itunes store".

I have a Nexus 5x that has been EOL no updates for years, still fully functions, can use current apps, and I use it as a secondary phone and my cars GPS.
I have a older phones, that i can still load up the PLay store and install apps and they work. Including Channels. Google does not fully kill of and turn in to brick thier obsolete devices.

again....dont care. not really relevant to this.

you don't trash your car the moment the manufacture discontinues the model.
Infact, most cars internal computers and modules, have not been updated since the day it rolled off the factory. Plenty of security risks in those software's.

Apple just makes e-waste when they make their products useless after so long.

Makes a shiny paper weight at least.

I just wansn't sure cause all the Apple tv boxes look the same.

Custom roms! was all the rage back then.
I miss my Samsung Fascinate (2010)..and the few phones i had after that,.

Just pointing out the obvious and facts. yall don't have to get but hurt about it and jump to defend Apple. seesh.

But since I can install Big Sur, current Apple Mac OS on a 2012 macbook pro...and old iPhones can run new iOS, Apple TV would be no differnt. Gues snot.

And those services Google Killed, most I never heard of, and were rarely used.

But you won't, because it would be an awful experience.

Neither does Apple. This device never had an App Store. Nor was it "bricked." It still works with the apps it shipped with, aside from YouTube, which pulled support.

Google does fully kill off plenty of services though:

Why does every thread have to turn into an Android/Apple or Windows/Linux flamewar?