Apple TV 4 tuner not available


hi channels has been working great but today I got tuner not available on all my apple tvs iPhone etc, but its working on nvidea shield and other devices like windows 10. Please help. Ive restarted devices and my network all the firmware is up to date but im not getting anything on apple only., ive uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. The HD home run is up an running just not on apple products.


Is the correct IP address shown for your hdhomerun on the Settings tab of the iOS app?

Are you sure you have tuners available. Check under Tuner Status


yes none of the tuners are in use, its only on channels app, im just checking the channels app and my NAS is reporting a different IP address than myhdhomerun im just rebooting my NAS to see if this is the issue


The issue was my NAS I had to refresh the IP address of the cablecard so it picked it up. As soon as I did it twice it reported the correct IP address to channels they updated and all fired straight up. it must have been after a firmware update was applied to my router this morning, and a restart took place. thanks for the speedy response.