Apple TV 4K Issues

Recently upgraded to one of these and am getting a few issues.

  1. Occasionally cannot find server, have now moved to wifi, still happens, but was worse with ethernet connection.

  2. Often cannot see HD homerun channels. They are available through HD homerun app, but get an error message with Channels DVR app

  3. Occasionally when looking at guide or on some other menu I get sent to Apple TV home screen

  4. Sometimes huge pixelation on streaming channels. This normally goes away but is annoying, occasionally gets really bad and am sent once again to hone screen

Thanks for any help

I own 3 of these Apple TV 4K Second Gen machines. I never run into an issue with it not finding the server. Outside of when I have more than one for testing and it still has the old IP address tied to it. I have a 4k flex and also have the older 4k quatro and no issues with it either. Ethernet should almost always be better than wifi (yes wifi can be good). Almost sounds like something odd going on with the server, network (NIC), and or router. What are you running for a server? I also can't say that I have noticed the drop form the app either. I would suggest maybe trying some of the experimental drivers. Maybe get on the Apple beta program to see if you have the same issues and yes apple tv isn't perfect either. Is your hd homerun running the latest firmware? Maybe share some of the signal stats of your hd homerun too.

Yeah +1 for testflight beta and all experimental drivers/deinterlacer. I would try that. I have 3 ATV's as well. I used to have an issue where it wouldnt find my dvr and kept asking me to specify the ip address. It stopped a while ago though. It was never bad enough for me to report it cause if i just waited a few seconds it would find it. All of my devices are on the same vlan so i dont know what would have caused it.. havent had it in a long time though.

Check out a prevoius post i dis about optimizing the ATV.

Sorry got busy, running server on Synology. Works fine with previous Apple TV and Amazon fire currently. As I stated WiFi seems better than ethernet but still issues. Can try a beta release at some point

Error message for failure to tune in to HomeRun says

read tcp -> connection reset by peer

Not really sure at this point. Does sound like a networking issue. Could be a bad Apple TV Box. Probably would need to do some internal bandwidth test to make sure the network from your apple tv to your Synology is performing as expected.

Channels DVR has its own speed test. Should be north of 930 Mbit/s. May need to hook a laptop or something so you can go to that address for the test. I would expect far less wireless. So this would be with a wired connection.


This is what I get on mine. Synology 920+

That's for testing the speed from the device you're using (a web browser) to the server. For the Apple TV, use http://ATV_IP_ADDRESS:57000/speedtest.

Thanks guys, the first test gives me 578Mbit/s, the second one gave me an error

Was that wired or wireless?


Well if thats all you get wired. Then hardware or even bad network cable. Some folks still have plain cat 5 cable sitting around that isnt rated for gig network speeds. cat 5e can do gig speeds. At this time all i am doing is guessing. Something just seems odd.

By any chance have you tried a factory reset? My Apple TV 4K was acting flaky a while back and I could not pinpoint the problem. Resetting it back to factory specs did the trick for me.

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Reluctant to do that as I have a fairly complicated set of apps on there. Seems to be working a bit better, but will do that if it becomes unusable