Apple TV 4K mute

I can’t figure out why my Apple TV 4K doesn’t mute “channels dvr” fully, it reduces the volume but doesn’t mute completely. It works fine on all other apps like Sling or HBO MAX but not channels.
Has anyone had this problem?
Is there a fix?

What is your audio setup?

I am using Logitech Bluetooth receiver Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Wireless Streaming
With its ouput going to JVC 5.1 surround sound receiver.
Output of Apple TV I have tried both stereo and Dolby digital 5.1

Pretty sure it due to using Bluetooth.
I use a Bluetooth DAC connected to PC speakers.

Every app for me, including system effects, on the Apple TV, when i mute, the volume is not silenced, but just greatly reduced.

The DAC in that BT receiver of yours, then the AMP in the 5.1 receiver may be amplifying the sound signal perhaps. The Apple TV does not seem to actually kill the audio when at mute.

Though, you state only the Channels app is like this for you, so that is puzzling to me.

So if you are going from the ATV -> Bluetooth -> Logitech -> JVC 5.1 you have a design flaw. That Bluetooth device is only doing 2 channel audio. Your JVC may be doing some pro-logic where it sounds like 5.1 but you are definitely not doing true 5.1.

I also agree with @speedingcheetah that it is the root of your problem with the mute issue. When you do Bluetooth audio it shifts some of the management functions away from the source device. Kind of like when you pair to a Bluetooth speaker and then you lose volume control on the source and can only adjust the volume on the speaker.

I would redo your setup if you can. Plug your ATV in to the JVC via HDMI and you wont be sorry. You could also plug it into an HDMI port on your TV and do ARC to backfeed audio to your receiver (if your TV and JVC support that)

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