Apple TV 4K - Stuttering Video


I'm having some issues on my ATV 4K, it's stuttering whilst watching live TV.

It's hardwired into the same switch as the HD Homerun and the DVR NAS. I have another Apple TV Gen 4 but not 4K which is wireless in another room and that is working fine.

Any ideas / and information you want me to dig out of some logs or anything? I should also add that the 4K TV has automatically updated to the new beta (which was an accident...) so I guess there is a good chance that is the issue?

EDIT - I am also getting this with recordings on the wired AppleTV 4K, again the wireless AppleTV is fine.


Was it working fine before the beta?

Where is your dvr running?


Unfortunately I only got it set up for the first time last night and the aTV was already updated. As for where it is running, do you mean hardware? It's on a Synology DS218+ with 6GB RAM


I am as well having sputtering issues since upgrading to the new iOS on all 4 of my ATV. Channels has previously worked smoothly. All hardwired, using HDHomeRun PRIME, current updates, no DVR.


Same here. Also having stuttering issues on ATV4K with HDHR Prime and Channels running on Windows 7.
ATV hard wired using Moca 2.0 over coax direct from the router. This particular setup has worked flawlessly for four months. All the issues seem to be in the past two or three weeks.
Also, internet Speedtest shows steady 90Mbs+ and other streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon have had no issues.


Same stuttering video here (ATV 4K, Synology DS218j, HD Homerun, all wired), usually have to reboot ATV to resolve. I've had this setup for a couple of months and it has always happened - apparently randomly.