Apple TV and IPad losing connections on a daily basis

Good afternoon,

I need to ask for some help. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been having issues with my Apple Tv 4k losing connection. It usually happens at least once per day. Usually, the message says the lost connection is due to my HD Homerun device.

A couple of days ago I left channels running on my iPad all day and it never lost connection, but my Apple TV 4k did. Early this morning I disconnected my HD Homerun from my network and restarted the Channels DVR server to clear the device from the line up. I wanted to see if that is the problem. I started up both apple devices and about 6 hours later the iPad disconnected giving the same error about the HD HomeRun losing connection, however, the HD HomeRun was disconnected so how could that be the problem.

I’ve changed out ethernet cables and tried switching from wired to Wi-Fi and back to wired. Nothing seems to introduce the problem. It occurs regardless and will occur most anytime day or night. My wired speed between the server and my Apple TV appears strong.

I have the latest Apple TV stable release and the most recent server prerelease. I’m running this on a Windows 10 machine with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor and Radeon Vega Graphics with 16 Mb of Ram. This machine should have plenty of resources to support Channels. I would appreciate any feedback from the forum. I’ve submitted my diagnostics and email support.

Thanks for your help.

Is this while watching tv or something else?

Try Settings > Playback > Advanced > Tuner Sharing: On

Thank you for your response. I have tuner sharing on as default on the server settings for all devices. This afternoon I had live tv playing on both the IPad and Apple TV so I could monitor them both and saw the IPad loose connection, but the Apple TV did not. The HD HomeRun is still not connected to my network or server.

Just had the same thing happen while watching the news. First time I've seen this.

Does the official HDHomeRun app work reliably?

Yes, it works fine, a little slow, but no other problems.

It appears that the issue might be related to my router. I have reset the router and will check all connections again today. Thanks for the help.

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