Apple TV Apps and Channels

Hi Everyone,

I’m not sure if this question has been asked before but I was wondering if when in the Channels guide and I hit a channel that’s a DRM (Because I have Spectrum / Time Warner) that the Channels guide/app look for the installed app on the Apple TV?

Let me give an example. For me, the Discovery Channel is a DRM so I have to exit Channels and go to the Discovery Go App. It would be nice if I could go to live TV or even just to the Discovery Go app from the Channels app.

Now I know that we would not get some of those features like DVR or things that the Channels app provides but it would make it feel like everything was all in one.

My setup is that I have Spectrum. I am running 2 HDHR’s with cable cards.

Thanks for listening.

Unfortunately we have no way to detecting what other apps you have installed on your ATV.

Actually, you technically don’t need to scan for the existing apps on my ATV. You can create a location within settings like “DRM Apps” or something and let the users select the channel number/name and what app to open. This would put in some kind of override within the guide. Is that possible?