Apple TV beta crash when using tailscale


*I used a more elegant solution suggested by @Rice to get the remote channel’s working by using custom channels. *

However im leaving this here because of the crashes, as well as it would be awesome to be able to “ping pong” several dvr servers and have their different guide load seamleassly in the client by changing their tailscale ips. In this case each location has its own server , own storage and own database. This is almost working on ios/ipad os.


In this configuration I have two channels servers both on the same tailnet. Both have been completely verified as working form home and “other home” locations.

On TVOS, when you manually connect at home to an allocated channels dvr server in a remote location, the apple tv client connects fine. It remembered the recent server connection.

However, when you go to the guide, it pulls the guide info from your local dvr server. A refresh is needed to get the “preparing your guide” spash screen.

On ios, and ipados, , you can refresh the guide by using the app switcher, and you will get the correct guide listings from the remote server.

However, on the first play of any channel there is a crash. Ive sent crash reports from the app on ios and ipad os. HOWEVER, on subsequent loads of channels, the correct guide loads and everything works like a charm from then on. Most importantly, the client “remembers” which server it was using.

On the Apple TV, however, you get a similar behavior, but its worse, because after you refresh the guide by closing down channels and reopening, it forgets that it is supposed to use the tailscale remote ip, and reloads the local guide. You can never watch the remote stations.

To developers, im happy to help troubleshoot further