Apple TV Can’t Find Server

I am having a hell of a time with one of my Apple TV’s in the house. It simply will not find the DVR server. While others on the same network have no problem.

Some info:

  • the Apple TV in question is on Wi-Fi.
  • I am using the latest Eero Pro system as my network, 2 of the nodes are hard wired and one is wireless
  • the Apple TV is connecting to the ‘main’ node which is hard wired
  • the DVR server is hard wired to the same node
  • it does not auto discover and inputting both the IP and/or the ‘DVR-server.local’ does not find it

One thing i did notice, and let me know if wrong……but it shows (on the DVR settings page on the server) that is is broadcasting on 2 endpoints (only one IP listed)

This also used to work. I am running on a windows machine now…….then i moved to a Mac…….then back to the same windows machine. So wondering did something get messed up during the transition.

It’s driving me mad! Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

Maybe on guest Wi-Fi?

What is the IP shown in the settings?

Checked…….not on guest Wi-Fi.

IP shown is

What's the IP of your server?

Actually, that's the IP address your server is reporting. What is the IP address of your Apple TV?

Server is

Apple TV is

Do you have HomeKit enabled on your eero? It's probably interacting badly with the Apple TV HomeKit stuff.

Well would you look at that……nailed it.

I disabled HomeKit and it’s now working as expected! I should have known it was something like that!

Thank you very much for looking into this and helping me out.

Keep up the great work!

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