Apple TV Channels are amazing, but why not include all channels?

I really love the Apple TV Channels feature. You subscribe to what you want and you can track everything you watch in one single app. Also in most cases, Apple offers a much better bitrate than the providers do on their own apps.

What I really don’t like about it is the fact it only offers one or two live streams for each channel. For example in HBO, it only offers HBO East and HBO West. Where are the other channels like HBO Comedy? We pay the same for the subscription like Amazon and Hulu customers do and they get all the HBO feeds.

Same for Epix which was added free for 30 days. Being a YouTube TV subscriber I can see YTTV is offering 4 Epix channels while Apple TV Channels once again is only offering one.

I love Apple TV Channels and I really want to keep using it but I personally might move my HBO subscription to YouTube TV next month when (if) HBO Max launches to get more content.

I think you might be a little confused. Apple TV Channels that you can subscribe to within the Apple TV app are something completely separate and different than the Channels app that is forum is for.

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