Apple TV Channels DVR, Channels mixed up

Hello, I am hoping someone can help with this as I am stuck.

169 channels found upon scan, duplicates are stacked by guide data, however most SD channels are mixed up. Channel 2 is ITV 1, channel 14 has the dave logo but is actually Film 4 etc.

After looking through the settings on my Synology drive I noticed the EPG data isn’t sourced correctly, and although I can add the correct one by putting my postcode in etc, it doesn’t save and reverts back to what it was as soon as I leave the menu. I have tried rescanning, cannot figure it out.

Thank you

Is the guide data correct in the official HDHomeRun app?

Yes. Strangely HDHomerun displays the channels in the correct order and shows the correct stream when viewed.

On the dvr web UI:

  • click gear icon next to HDHR
  • hold down SHIFT on keyboard
  • click Sync Mapping

Tried this…

Unfortunately, still the same. I mean, I can change the logo individually on each channel… :sob:

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Weird. Maybe remove the guide and pick another entry under your postal code?

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How do I remove the current guide? I can add another guide, but it doesn’t do anything and reverts to the default one when I close the menu

That's normal for the selector at the top of that window.

On the previous screen under the gear you can remove guide or resetup

Ah great! Think you have solved it, looks like it is all as it should be. Thank you for your help.