Apple TV freezing

Watching ESPN via TVE and the Apple TV keeps freezing putting me farther and farther behind live. Diagnostics submitted. e165b223-e5ca-4c60-9629-998f49ceef78

Everything is hard wired ethernet, no wifi.

Channels running on QNAP 453, CPU runs 10-15%, channels is 2-4% of that.

Any thoughts?

I'll add that watching the recording works flawlessly. It's only watching live that the freeing/stuttering happens.

Perhaps your internet connection is having issues? Try a continuous ping to google and make sure you aren’t having packet loss or high latency.

I thought about that, but the recording plays without issue. This is the recording of the same show at the same time. IE: When I click on the show if I choose Live I get freezing, if I choose Recording, it plays fine. I'm just stuck being a few minutes behind.

It’s possible being a few minutes behind on a recording eats into the recording when the internet lags, and you would eventually catch up and have issues. Not 100% sure though. Doing the ping test from the DVR server itself is the best way to rule it out though.