Apple TV Guide is missing

Guide data is no longer available in the app. I’ve quit the app as well as restarted the Apple TV and still the same.

I don’t have DVR just the channels app.
I am not using a cable card just using QAM.

Seems to be an issue with HDHomeRun. All the channels show up as unknown there. I have the Prime. Any help would be great.

This means your cable provider has turned off channel name and number transmission on QAM so it's not possible to auto match guide data any longer.

Do you see guide data in the official HDHR app? AFAIK the only way to fix this is by getting a cablecard from your provider.

That is unfortunate. Correct the HDHR app doesn't show channel names either. Plex is able to show me guide data for me. Thanks for the help. Looks like I'll be using plex going forward. Hopefully you guys figure out a work around at some point I certainly like your app for just simple live tv over plex.

Thank you,

If you use Channels DVR then you will be able to map the channels to the correct guide data the same way that Plex does.

Thanks for the info. Would be nice if that was part of the channels app. Unfortunately, the cost of Channels DVR doesn't make sense for our use. we record 3 TV shows. and only use channels for the big network TVs.