Apple TV guide option for channels subsets gone

I have lost the option to choose Favorites or any of the other normally available sub-sets of channels in the Channels DVR guide on my Apple TV.

The guide shows all channels. There is no drop-down menu.

Favorites are checked in the server app as well as the Apple TV app.

iPhone and iPad Channels DVR apps and the server app on the iMac continue to offer the choice as before.

I recently replaced an Apple TV HD with the new Apple TV 4k (great remote, by the way) or I may have errantly flipped a switch in settings. But I would like to have my Favorites back.


iMac i9 server with system 11.3.1, Channels DVR 2021.06.06.0605, Apple TV 4K tvOS 14.6 (18L569).

Check under: Settings > General > Live TV > Guide Channel Collections

(That's where it is on Android TV; I believe the Settings structure is pretty similar in tvOS.)

Yes. That was it.

While trying to eliminate clutter I had flipped the “Guide Channels Collections” switch which is the master. Off and the options are gone. Make sense.

Thank you.