Apple TV - Import TV Series (like movies, but separated into series and seasons)

I absolutely love the import feature! I have my movie library in the same app as my LIVE TV and DVR. The only thing I am missing is being able to import my personal TV Series in a broken out by series and seasons format. I still have to switch over to the computers app to watch those. It would be amazing to have it work just like my DVR TV series currently does. If this feature was added, I could use one app for all my viewing! Thanks for all your hard work on this app. I am always excited to see the next feature or improvement!

TV imports will of course come in time. We've paused on working on imports for right now. That feature isn't even supposed to be public. It's not even an alpha. But glad to hear you're enjoying what's there!


What are you working on instead? IP SAT? Something really cool I don't even know about? :wink: